Spending Time with Our Father

I fell in love with the rosary when I became Catholic in 2000. I have always enjoyed spending this quiet time with the Lord, and wanted to create beautiful handmade rosaries to share. Being a convert from a very supportive Methodist family, I wanted to share my love of the rosary with them. Prayer beads can be used for all Christians, and I would love for my Protestant family & friends to share in this practice as well! There are many ways to pray with prayer beads, so spend some time with the Lord in this wonderful prayer, no matter what denomination you are!
I've included instructions on praying the Most Holy Rosary of the Catholic Church and the Ecumenical rosary of Protestant prayers, which both use the same Catholic Rosary beads. The Anglican Prayer beads for Protestant prayers are slightly varied. I've listed a couple of great websites below. You may also visit the Facebook link to the right (under "Related Links) or contact me and I can send instructions directly to your email.



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